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Professional Squeegees For Car Wrappers.
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SkyWrap Plastic

Application Tools for Car Wrapping

Excellent smoothness for car wrapping. Explore our products.

Strong Body
Water Resist

More Control


Felt Edge Squeegees

We are a Felt Edge Squeegee expert and know what you need. How great an installation tool can be.

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Alcantara Felt Edge Squeegee (20 pcs)

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Alcantara Felt Edge Squeegee (50 pcs)

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Alcantara Felt Edge Squeegee (100 pcs)

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We focus to produce higher performance squeegee for sign applicators


Premium Sky Wrap Tools has optimum flexible, it provides more control and stability for car wrapping works.

Smart Plastic

Most of squeegees become deformed after application, smart plastics doesn't deformed.

Soft Touch

Alcantara felt texture has thin, soft hair, wrappers could feel smoothness of felt. Besides distributes pressure evenly

Stratch Free

Original plastics doesn't include micro dusts inside of it. Especially its important for matte vinyls.


Our plastics doesn't hold bacteria and microbe. We made this for wrappers who keep the squeegees in their mouth.


If you would like to customize squeegee, we have branded squeegee options.


We provide extra options for you.


Branded squeegees makes brand awareness. We use laser branded technology, its more appear.

Special Colors

You could choose special colors related with your brand color. Our plastics colors are brilliant.


5 squeegees in 1 package with transparent box. Suppliers sell package products easily.

Low Friction Felt Edge Squeegees


Alcantara Felt Edge Squeegee (Blue)