Money and Schools


Introducing “Money and Schools: Funding and Equity in American Education,” an insightful and comprehensive book that delves into the complex relationship between money and schools in the United States. Authored by education policy expert Dr. Bruce D. Baker, this thought-provoking read offers a deep dive into the funding mechanisms of American education and how they impact equity and quality in schools.

Whether you’re an educator, policy maker, or concerned parent, “Money and Schools” provides valuable insights into the intricate web of funding sources, allocation methods, and their ultimate impact on student outcomes. From state and local tax policies to federal funding disparities, Dr. Baker uncovers the systemic challenges and offers practical solutions for a fairer and more equitable education system.

With a skillful blend of academic research and real-world examples, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding the financial complexities of the American education system. “Money and Schools” is an essential resource that empowers readers to advocate for positive change and better outcomes for students, regardless of their background or zip code. Order your copy today and join the conversation on how we can create a more equitable and inclusive education system.,


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